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6 Various Sexual Positions That Could Help You Experience Pleasure For Extended Periods

Are you tired of trying to hold the same positions? Try these sex positions with attractive Kolkata call girls to liven up your life. You don’t need to be incredibly brave or flexible to try the positions listed here; all you need is an open mind and a supportive partner. If you want to extend the climax and prolong the pleasure, you can also try switching positions during intercourse.

Position 1: Cowgirl:

Assume a prone position. Stay erect and let your partner mount you, straddle your hips, and stick your penis in. She’ll be able to mount your penis like a bullfighter for a cowgirl. If the spirit moves you, you are robbed of the ability to push quickly and strongly since the sexy female controls almost all of the penetration. During sex, all you have to do is lie there and let her take care of the rest. Get the greatest satisfaction, then.

Position 2: The Edge of Heaven

With his legs resting on the floor, the man is seated on the edge of the bed. He holds her hands to keep her from toppling over. The woman then shuffles across his lap and onto him, her legs lying on the bed. You can now move at your own pace, but this position allows the guy to take the initiative and allows for thorough penetration.

Position 3: Yum Yab-Yum

The lady climbs his hips and faces him, letting him enter from the front while the guy sits on the floor or the bed. It’s a very private role that’s perfect for satisfying your partner and getting input from her responses.

Position 4: Reversed cowgirl pose

This is a cross between the traditional Woman-On-Top pose and the doggie pose. Let him lie on the bed with his legs hanging over the edge. The woman lands on top of her partner, but she twists around such that her arms are resting on his thighs or knees while she leans forward. Angle his penis slightly downward to allow him to pierce the woman. Then, rock back and forth for an incredible, G-spot-hitting experience.

Position 5: The Intermittent

With his legs spread wide, the man is seated on the bed. Then, as he drags her in his direction, the woman climbs on top of him and puts her legs over his back. After that, the woman moves up and down at a speed that suits you both. If you and your spouse enjoy plenty of kissing during sex, this is great.

Position 6: Spooning

With your front against her back in a spooning cuddle position, both partners sleep on their sides. She is the little spoon, and you are the big spoon. Your partner’s legs should be slightly apart. Find her vagina with your hand and insert it from the back.

By figuring out the best postures to let him stay in bed longer, he becomes significantly less bored and is not restricted to the same 2 sex positions. Sexy College will always be open to the chance to try new things. It could be thrilling to be astonished by your potential in bed.